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  1. Mishka Martin

    This marinara sauce is simply delicious! I was thrilled to put to use all the different tomatoes from the garden at once. I used balsamic vinegar instead of red wine which was delicious and I halved all the ingredients and it worked out perfectly.

  2. Janet

    Oh my word, this is great! Yesterday I stopped at a local farm produce stand and lucked onto a 15 pound box of imperfect home grown tomatoes for $10. I made a triple batch of your sauce and it is amazing! I portioned it up in ziploc bags and it’s going in the freezer. Thank you so much for this recipe. I didn’t change a thing and it’s so darn good. We will be having some amazing pasta and sauce for months to come.

  3. Dale Hammerschmidt

    I’ll join the chorus of people like this recipe a lot. I’ve used a stovetop pressure cooker for over 50 years, and just purchased an automatic electric one this week. given that it is the peak of the tomato crop in a good year, making marinara sauce was an obvious way to try out my new toy. I used your recipe as my pattern; I added a bit of carrot and celery, and I had fresh parsley and basil that I could use instead of the dried. It smelled wonderful and has very good flavor; I have Frozen it in 1 quart containers with a thin film of olive oil on the top to guard against freezer burn. I got three and a half quarts of sauce from 5 lb of tomatoes; I expect to have enough tomatoes to do at least one and perhaps two more batches; I look forward to enjoying the brighter flavor of this sauce (as compared with grocery store brands) when I prepare a pasta dish in the middle of a cold Minnesota winter! I look forward to trying more of your recipes, and have already recommended this one to some Facebook friends.


    This is a fantastic recipe for marinara sauce – I have made about 20 batches (4-5 pints each) over the past three summers when tomatoes are plentiful from the garden and farm markets, freezing most of it to use later for all my “red sauce” dishes from eggplant parm, to spaghetti to braciole – you name it. It’s great as is but I’ve tweaked it a little based on our preference and ingredients I have on hand. Here are my modifications, in case anyone wants to try any or all: Omit the wine and cocoa powder; add a little fennel seed; use fresh parsley and basil; rather than add sugar to cut the acidity, I use one carrot, shredded and sauteed with the onion – it blends up nice and smooth with the rest of the ingredients; I’ve played with the amount of canned tomato paste and found that if I use meaty plum tomatoes, one small can will result in sauce that is thick enough. Thank you for sharing this recipe – it’s a real winner!

  5. colleen fogle

    Made last week with my grandson. It was easy and very tasty and thick.

  6. Kris

    Last Sat I spent over 4 hrs making sauces from my fresh tomatoes and used almost all of my pots and pans. Let’s just say I was not looking forward to doing that again with yesterday’s harvest! I found your recipe and will not use any other! All I needed was a knife, cutting board , immersion blender and the instant pot. The ingredients made the sauce rich, silky and thick! I did throw in a carrot and a green pepper, but other than followed it exactly. My husband loves it! We’ll be enjoying the sauces all winter long! Thank you!,,

  7. Liz

    I just opened up my instant pot. I’m waiting for the sauce to cool so I can blend it, but I had to take a taste because it smells so good. It is absolutely delicious! It’s rich, and perfectly spiced, although I’m not sure if it’s a little too salty. I’ll have to wait and see when it cools, but either way, this recipe is a winner. Thanks for the recipe.

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