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  1. besseling jean

    Is this the same as rotisserie chicken seasoning

    • Sandy

      It’s similar, but my own version.

  2. Ryan

    I was surprised at how this rub tasted and spiced up your air fryer whole chicken recipe. This is a great rub for any meat dish. I doubled the recipe and put it in an empty, glass spice jar I had. Sandi, I want to make a large batch and I’m asking how long you think this would last in my spice jar? I’m sure others, once they try this, may want to know, also? Thanks again for another home-run recipe!

    • Sandy

      I’m so glad you like the spice rub! You can keep the rub in your airtight glass container for 1-2 years! Just keep it in a place that doesn’t get too warm, or has moisture.

  3. Bernadette Boulier


  4. Donna Sanders

    Just bought my Instant Pot to make my own yogurt but now want to expand and try other things.

    • Sandy

      That’s great Donna! Let me know what you make!

  5. Syl

    Tried this rub and really enjoyed it. I passed it on to my friend! It’s yummy!

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