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  1. Robbie MacDonadl

    Followed your instructions to a T, and the rib eye steak was tender, juicy and perfectly cooked (we like medium rare on the rare side). I recently purchased a small Dash air fryer and the rib eye, cut in half, fit perfectly. Thus far I have cooked pork chops, chicken thighs and steak (this) in the unit and I am super impressed. Thank you very much.

  2. Penny

    I tried this tonight and it was tender, juicy and so good! I followed instructions and itwas perfect! I don’t use my air fryer but I’m going to do more with it now!

  3. Arlene

    I was so pleasantly surprised! When the steak was cooked, I used minced garlic and butter in a cast iron pan to get a really rich sear. Perfect and delicious!

  4. Joe

    1st time ever air fry a ribeye. I was so skeptical. My ribeye came out perfect with your instructions. I am 70 and don't enjoy the summer heat as much. Living alone, being able to do this inside is going to make a huge difference especially in the winter months. Thank you again!

    • Sandy

      Hi Joe, I am so glad this worked for you! We don't grill much, so this is a great alternative!

  5. Linda B Harrack

    I was SHOCKED! This is so good!!! For 40 years I have never EVER cooked a steak unless it was on an outside grill. This particular night it was storming, and I followed this recipe exactly. The steak was perfection! Thank you for giving very detailed instructions!

    • Sandy

      That is amazing to know Linda! I'm so glad this method worked for you! It's nice to have an alternative!

      • Ken

        A fantastic way to cook a steak when I don't want to grill. Came out so good. My only tip is to check how done it is halfway through so you know how much longer you should cook it to get the doneness you like. My steak was thicker so I cooked it a few minutes longer for medium rare.

      • L. Powell

        I tried your recipe cooking a chuck eye steak. 7 minutes in my air fryer and I tasted heaven! Thank you!
        PS going to the store now to purchase more steak.

  6. Diane Henderson

    Absolutely amazing. Perfectly rendered fat. My kids lost their minds and fought over the last pieces, and I didn't have to hold a squirmy toddler our in the yard trying to tend to a grill! Only had 6 kids tonight so 12 thumbs up (and 2 more from mama!)

  7. Teri

    Third time making these. Perfect every time. Thank you!

    • Sonja Guss

      I haven't had a good juicy tender steak in eons. This recipe is beyond simple and delicious.. My only Wish is that it had the sear of an outdoor grill. Next time I'll take your advice and post-sear it. Thank you.

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