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  1. Jo

    Do I have to adjust the timing to cook 2 steaks together?

    • Sandy

      No, as long as they are not stacked on top of each other and they are the same thickness, the cook time should be the same.

  2. Lauren

    Ever since I got my air fryer over the summer, it's the only thing I use to cook steaks now! I don't do it often as it does get expensive but when I do make them I cook them to a medium rare and it comes out perfectly! I use a garlic herb butter to go on top and it's the best!

  3. Jeanne Mills

    I did exactly what you said and our ribeyes were to die for!!’
    First time - just as easy as promised!

    • Crista Cole

      I wish I wouldn’t of waited 30.00 in steak :/ should of known better , followed the directions to the letter and had 2 amazing cuts of Rib-eye both turned out like leather sadly

      • Sandy

        I'm sorry to hear that. What on earth happened?! Either you cooked them too long or they weren't as good cuts as you thought.

  4. Vanessa Haynes

    Is my “go to” for ribeye in air fryer....we like MedRare

  5. Dawn Shedlarski

    We have been air frying our steaks for a while. I like your recipes/guidelines. Ours always come out delicious!

    • Ann

      I read your recipe and was still dubious, but gave it a go!! Absolutely luscious!! My previously boasting husband used to say you can only get a good result on the BBQ grid said “PERFECT” thank you so much, am doing steaks again now!!

      • Sandy

        WOW! I am so happy you both liked your steaks!

    • Mindy

      This was easy and perfectly amazing! I never comment on recipes, this was worth it! I am the biggest steak snob. The key was preheating I believe. And plenty of salt, pink salt.

  6. AJ

    I used a bone in rib eye 16 oz., followed your directions and added some Everything bagel spice. Cooked about 10 on each side @ 390°. It came out perfectly medium-rare! Delicious! Thanx

    • Joe

      Turned out great. Medium, just the way I like it.

  7. Leonard Francis Johnson

    Picked up what I thought was just an old ( Later) toaster oven 2nd hand & saw the similarities to their air fryers Tried out your " ribeye steak recipes and the results were fantastic! I'm 90 yes old! Thanx

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